The Threats to the Oil and Gas Industry in the Gulf of Mexico

Map depicting oil and gas platforms (brown dots) active in Federal Waters in the Gulf of Mexico, along with petroleum refineries (squares with barrels) and natural gas processing plants (squares with blue flame). [Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration]

Extreme Weather Events

Map of hazards in North America that Intelligence Fusion has recorded, minus incidents of disease relating to Covid-19. Incidents above were found using the extensive filtering options on the Intelligence Fusion platform, allowing you to search for hazards in North America, but excluding major and minor disease incident types. [Source: Intelligence Fusion Platform]
Paths of recent hurricanes in 2021 through the Gulf of Mexico. At least 2 hurricanes, Claudette and Ida went through the middle of the cluster of platforms south of Louisiana. [Source: US Energy Information Administration]
Map representing the National Risk Index which is calculated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The index looks at the risk of a variety of hazards to each county. The risk in several counties like Harris and Jefferson counties in Texas, Orleans Parish in Louisiana, or Mobile and Jackson counties in Mississippi ranges from Relatively High to Very High. These same counties contain significant amounts of onshore oil and gas infrastructure. [Source:]

Maritime Criminality Off Mexico

Selection of incidents targeting the oil and gas industry in the Bay of Campeche. Incidents primarily occur off the coast of the states of Campeche, Tabasco, and Veracruz. Incident are shown using the ‘Draw Area’ function on the Intelligence Fusion platform, allowing you to draw polygons of any shape and size to pull out incidents in certain locations. [Source: Intelligence Fusion Platform]

Reputational and Other Threats

Map showcasing protest activity by environmental activists across the world, recorded by Intelligence Fusion. North America has had protests recorded due to specific oil and gas projects like the Line 3 project in Minnesota or the Bayou Bridge Pipeline project in Louisiana, including both direct action activities targeting the construction works, as well as protests at financial institutions funding these projects. [Source: Intelligence Fusion Platform]



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